Activity 10: A long and winding road that leads to…


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Ok, this is me being just a bit silly.. it has indeed been a long, winding, bumpy road.There were more than a few times when I debated whether I could complete this course. I was too old..too busy…too much of a Luddite… and don’t even get me started on A.P.A referencing. But with my newly polished growth mindset, I am there.

Wait.. where is “there?” Is there a “there?”

If I am to fulfil  Criteria 4  and “demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of professional personal practice,” then this reflection is a rest-stop rather than a destination. What this 32 week road-trip has taught me is that I am still curious and ready to try out new ideas in my practice.It just takes energy and critical thinking to decide what is worth spending valuable time on.

For me, research about growth mindsets has probably had the most impact on my practice.I learnt such a lot from planning and implementing an inquiry into the effects of ability grouping on mindsets.I believe I fulfilled the criteria of critically inquiring, responding to feedback  and problem-solving effectively through the very detailed process needed to fulfil the requirements of Research and Community Informed Practice. (Criteria 12) I intend to continue to implement this learning in my teaching and also to “show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning” by leading professional development in this area. http://Criteria 5

Collaborative Communities: The Support System.

Criteria 1: I was very fortunate in this journey because I had a ready-made collaborative community- my colleagues who were also undertaking this study, commonly known as “The Mindlabbers.”We had both formal and informal opportunities to “establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of all ākonga.” We planned and implemented our Lean Canvas in order to provide a more meaningful context to learning in Religious Education.Throughout the 32 weeks we have continued to meet, discuss and support each other in our learning. The talk in particular has been invaluable, reinforcing and clarifying personal reflection.

Finally, the opportunity to reflect on varying aspects of professional issues  in this last part of the journey- Applied Practice in Context- has been so worthwhile. I have to confess i didn’t come into blogging with a growth mindset. I thought it would be an exercise in navel- gazing and patting myself on the back (my perception of blogs). I have found the reflective aspect- and maybe having to condense my thoughts into a word-count-a really useful exercise in deciding what it is that is important to me as an educator AND as a learner.

Where to next?

  • My next goal is to “analyse and appropriately use assessment and information” in order to evaluate the value for my learners of undertaking the inquiry into the effects of ability groups on mindsets. This would also enable me to fulfil Criteria 11.
  • Then, I plan to look at some professional development in te reo.I have heard good things about I aim to make a commitment to developing my language proficiency beyond what we use in the Religious education programme and those everyday phrases we can all use. In part, this would meet Criteria 3, but  I do also feel in would be achievable, practical and hopefully a learning challenge!

 Actually, I lie. My first goal is to have a weekend off!!


Lastly,Osterman & Kottkamp really reflect the purpose of this latter part of the MIndlab learning journey when they tell us that it is this type of reflection, put into action, that makes the most valuable change in behaviours.(as cited in Mindlab, 2015)

Thanks, Mindlab, for pulling, pushing, prompting and praising me along the way.


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