Activity One: This is me.

I am a not-so-young teacher, practising (in more than one sense of that word ) for more than 30 years- when I say that aloud it sounds scary! I am a classroom teacher and that is truly the best part of my job. For me, teaching is about relationships, and it is a real privilege to be part of the lives of so many young people and their families. Nothing gives me more joy than having a gangly teenage boy raise his eyebrows in the classic boy greeting and grunt, “Hey, Miss!” as he passes me on the street!I love it when my former students pop in to update me on their lives.I really do think teaching is a wonderful career, with an opportunity to make a real difference, to be someone’s ‘safe place,’ to have a laugh and to never EVER be bored ! I am especially interested in mindsets, ability grouping and the inter-relationship between them- this is my inquiry focus in Term 4.

I teach in a Years 5 and 6 class in a Catholic primary school.I’ve been part of this supportive community in a teaching role for ten years. Prior to that, I was part of the parent community in the very same school, so it has been a very big part of my life for over 20 years.

In my other life I am married to a teacher, who is currently principal of a primary school. I tell him that I am his “Basic Scale Conscience,” always ready to pop some words of advice from the shop floor into his head!

I have three adult daughters, all lovely, funny and feisty. They make me proud because of the people they are. One of them has just started on her own teaching journey.

I read a lot, travel a bit and walk a little (not enough!)

I am totally new to the world of blogging, so apologies in advance for any mistakes I make. Of course we all know that mistakes are the key to learning!

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